As an entrepreneur, you need an office to increase productivity and simplify the workflows of your business. It is also the place where you can accommodate your clients. However, acquiring an office space and maintaining it is costly. Hence, start-up entrepreneurs are opting to get a serviced office for their business. Here are the benefits of a serviced office.


A serviced office is a pay-per-use office space that is furnished and fully equipped and is being rented out to small and big businesses that need an office space for their teams. It is managed and operated by a facility management company or also known as office provider.

In a serviced office, you are renting the space and the services of the office provider. All the essential things that an office needs to have are present in a serviced office. Aside from the fully set-up space, it also includes the access to services such as reception, parcel and mail handling, telephone support and also the use of meeting rooms and pantry. 

Likewise, there are office providers like The High Office that are conducting an assessment to know the needs and wants of the business and also to understand the branding of the business and the office provider will align the setup of the office space with it. 


  1. Cost Effectiveness is one of the benefits of a serviced office. Businesses only pay for the space that they need. This businesses will not have extra work in moving in  like purchasing furniture, equipment and  other things needed to design the office as well as cleaning the office space because it is ready for occupancy already. As a result, the business can be operational already.

2.Flexibility is another benefit of a serviced office. Compared to a traditional and conventional space, the terms of rental are flexible. You can rent it for as short as one month. For start-up businesses with unsteady cash flow, this is highly beneficial because they can test if they will do well in the market. 

Likewise, as mentioned above, office providers can customize the layout of the office based on the needs of the business.

3. Convenience is a benefit of a serviced office as well. Since it is properly and strategically designed and the layout is carefully studied, Moving around the office is easier and faster in a serviced office

4. Increased Productivity is indeed a benefit of a serviced office. Office providers are experts when it comes to facility management and also office layout and design. Thus, it is assured that the office that businesses will rent is conducive for work and consequently, the productivity of the employees will increase.

5.Another benefit of a serviced office is that business can build credibility. Most serviced offices are situated in premium locations like Alabang  where many popular businesses are. Being in this area can help businesses in building credibility. As a result, you can easily access the market because of their perception that your business is good.


The business environment is rapidly changing. As a result, how the work is done also changes. Flexibility has been an important consideration of businesses in choosing a work arrangement and many businesses now are opting to get virtual offices, coworking spaces and serviced offices to respond to the changing business environment. 

When deciding which office provider to choose, always remember to go for the firm that can help you achieve your goals and objectives. A firm that has a strong desire in helping you to go bigger and soar higher in the industry.