In the digital era where work can be done using the technologies available anytime and anywhere, many organizations allow their employees to work at their homes or in places where they can productively and creatively work like coworking spaces. Indeed, flexible work arrangement is now the trend in how work is done in the Philippines today.

Flexible work arrangement is giving the employees the chance to choose when and where they work. In this kind of setup, employees can work in a place that they are productive and they can work at the time that they are creative. In many studies, this is proven to be an effective way to show the employees that companies value them.

But, how do companies benefit from this kind of work setup? Please read below.

  1. Save on cost – Since many are not in the office, utility expenses, maintenance cost, office supplies expenses will decrease and those are savings for the company. A big office space is also no longer necessary and thus, rent expense will decrease. The company can actually get a virtual office instead of renting an office space. 
  1. Increase the productivity of the employees – Flexible work arrangement actually gives employees a work-life balance which makes them less stressful because they do not need to travel to work. Likewise, being in a space that is comfortable and quiet like a home or a coworking space can make them focus on their work. 
  1. Increase Employee Engagement – This kind of work setup can actually make employees happier and more satisfied because they have better work-life balance. This will also increase employee engagement which can positively impact the organization since employees are more passionate about their work. Thus, the sales of the company will also increase. 
  1. Increase Retention Rate and Decrease Employee Turnover Rate – Since employees are highly engaged, employees will stay and become loyal to the company and thus, resignation will become seldom. 

  2. Recruit easily – Many employees now particularly the younger generation who is now becoming part of the corporate world prefer a flexible work arrangement. They dislike the idea of being manipulated and they demand flexibility. If your company offers this kind of work setup, you would not be able to have difficulty in recruiting people to work for your company.

In today’s business, employees matter the most. If companies would not be flexible enough to give the employees what they want when it comes to work setup, they would not have good employees and hence, business as a whole would be negatively affected. 

To survive the competitive world of business, they need to improve their  work setup and be employee-oriented organizations.