How to motivate your employees to get vaccinated?

Many people are now getting motivated to get vaccinated, especially those workers who go out everyday to report for work. Since they are exposed to the virus, it is very important that they take COVID-19 vaccine. However, due to some reasons, there are still some workers who are hesitant to take the vaccine. 

As a business owner who has employees that report to the office everyday, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety against COVID-19. Hence,you need to think of ways in order to motivate your employees to get vaccinated and be protected. 

Here are a few important tips that you can use to get the “Yes” of your employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

  1. Educate them about the vaccine.

    Education about COVID-19 vaccine can help a lot in helping your employees to understand what the vaccine is and how it will help them to be protected. if they are completely aware about it, the fear that they have will be gone because they will realize its importance. 

    You can do a lot of ways to educate their employees about this vaccine. You can organize a seminar about COVID-19 vaccine and also by sending emails and fliers regularly if there are updates about the virus and the vaccine as well.

    Furthermore, you can also be creative in doing it. You can create a video campaign, poster and infographics to explain what COVID-19 vaccine is.
  2. Stimulate their interests.

    Educating them is not enough, you need to make them interested to get vaccinated. You can do it by having testimonials about COVID-19. Get some of your employees who are already vaccinated and let them share their experiences with everyone.

    It is recommended to get the testimonial of the top executives because these are the people that the employees look up to and for them they are credible and trustworthy and if they are the ones who are talking, the employees will believe in what they say.

    Moreover, you can make the process convenient for them by offering your assistance to the employees in scheduling their vaccination.
  3. Burn their desire to get vaccinated.

    Offer a reward or incentive for those employees who will get vaccinated. You can give them a free pizza or a cash incentive in order for them to be motivated to schedule their vaccination as soon as possible.

    You can also make a program wherein employees can bring one member or 2 members of their family if they will get vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is extremely important because it will vastly help the government in their fight against COVID-19. Likewise, if all your employees are vaccinated, you have a safe working environment that will make your employees happy and productive at work. 

We, at The High Office, reward those clients who are already vaccinated. We give them discounts and freebies on any of our services. They just need to present the proof of their vaccination to enjoy our promo. We support the government in their fight against this virus.