The Advantages of Having Your Own Virtual Office

“How on earth am I going to solve this problem, mate?” Tony asked.

“Well, what seems to be the problem, mate?” Chelsea queried.

“Well, you know, I have a recruitment firm that’s completely operating inside my own house. The dilemma that I have is that, I mean, how on earth am I going to show-off my address to my clients if it’s a residential address? They would rather be disappointed if they found out that I work from home. Wouldn’t you think Chelsea?” Tony recounts.

“Oh! Pity you, but you know what, I think I might have the best solution for you.” Chelsea retorts.

“Really? What is it?” Tony asked.

“The solution to your problem is very simple: it’s to get your own Virtual Office, mate! Allow me to explain the benefits, shall we?”  

1. Turnkey to a prestigious and legit office address.    

If you’re dreaming of having your own office at Bradford UK, but you feel discouraged after daydreaming about it, because you know that it’s completely out of reach, then there’s a solution for it now. You can now have your own office address at London without the need for you to have an actual office there. Thanks to Virtual Offices! And yes, you can use their address on your marketing collaterals.       

2. Instant access to meeting rooms.  

If you just need a place to stay for a day or two to conduct a meeting with a client; then this would be perfect, as these Virtual Office Providers include that package on the service that you would acquire. If you’re sick of presenting your sales pitch at Starbucks because of the unending distractions inside the coffee shop, then conference rooms at a Virtual Office can be your next solution go-to. In addition, these providers offer unlimited coffee, and their conference rooms eliminate distractions.  

3. It’s affordable.

If you compare that to actually renting your own office space, that would be way more exorbitant than a Virtual Office. Renting an office requires you to pay your two months deposit first before they can give you the permission to rent it. Besides, there would be an annual increase, and you’re tied to a long term contract.

So, if this is not ideal for you, then Virtual Office Solutions Providers are there to solve this problem of yours. If you’re afraid of commitment, then Virtual Office is the best solution as these providers don’t usually tie their clients to a long-term commitment contract, if you opt to cancel your service next month, then it’s all good mate, nothing can stop you from doing that, not even a long-term contract, because there isn’t one in the first place.

4. Boost professional image.

“I don’t care if I hire a recruitment firm who operates at home as long as they deliver me quality people, then it’s totally fine with me,” Entrepreneur C said.

Would you believe Entrepreneur C?

If I were you, I wouldn’t, because not every entrepreneur out there is like Entrepreneur C; the moment that they find out that you operate at home would be a major turn-off if we’re talking about the big clients who want to hire your service.

Image is everything!

Yes, it is, in business. Think of business as if it’s like showbiz, because it is. So, how do you boost your professional image? Well, you can start with getting a Virtual Office, and have your office address at Alabang, Makati, BGC, or whatever preference that you like, really; it’s up to you.

“Getting a Virtual Office gives you the opportunity to work in your pajamas, and not let your customers and clients know that you do.”

5. It’s good for offshore purposes.

If you’re planning to setup your own business here in the Philippines, but lack the budget of getting your own office space, then a Virtual Office is the ideal solution for you. By doing this, you can hire employees from the Philippines remotely; they can do a work from home type of job or freelance work. This is consummate for the entrepreneurs like you who wants to test the waters and don’t want to dive deep yet, not until everything’s established already.     

6. More flexibility for employees.

It’s not only you that would benefit from having a Virtual Office, but it would benefit your employees as well. Since you don’t have an actual office setting, your employees can work anywhere as long as they deliver an awesome output, your employees won’t need to waste two hours from traffic just to get into the office, they can just opt to do work from home; this gives them the flexibility and freedom for the work that they do. So, it not only lessens the money that’s coming out of your pocket, but your employees would love you more. In addition, it alleviates employee turnover. Way to go!   

7. Your home address would be kept private.

If you work from home, your kitchen, your bed, on your car, or anywhere really, you don’t want to put your home address on your marketing collaterals, it exudes an air of unprofessionalism, and people might think that you’re not taking your business seriously, so in order to avoid this, getting your own Virtual Office would eliminate the risk of a stalker knowing your own house, or a potential client showing up in front of your door wondering if they got the address right so it’s best to separate your work address from your home address. Keep it private, mate.

8. You now have someone to answer business calls for you and access to other services as well.   

Since Virtual Office Providers have their own receptionist, well, it’s not solely for their company’s purposes, though, but that’s also your receptionist, too. Good news! Their receptionist would do call handling for you and inform you right away if there’s a client call, this helps establish your professional image to your clients and customers.   

And if you don’t have your own business telephone number with a local number on it, then that’s also included on the package that these providers offer.   

Having your own business telephone number + a receptionist + the receptionist doing the phone answering for you = The Perfect Package.

In addition, if you want to receive a parcel or that Shopee package on the virtual office provider’s address, then that’s fine too. And it also works vice versa, if you want to send a package to a customer but you don’t want it to be addressed on your residential unit, then that could be made possible, too. Isn’t that amazing?

9. It’s less tiring than having to set up your own office space.  

You’re going to change the world through your business; it’s not good if time is being taken away from you, because you’re setting up your own office space. It’s a gruelling process! With opting to a Virtual Office, you now have an access to what an actual office setting have such as a coffee maker, a flat screen television, office desks, ergonomic chairs, a virtual receptionist to answer phone calls for you, and more. These providers help you by letting you focus on driving your business forward.   

10. It helps expand your connections.  

If you’re an introverted entrepreneur and networking is not your thing, then getting your Virtual Office is great for networking purposes. These providers have loads of clients, and it’ll help you meet new people. In addition, they conduct events; you could go to these events sometimes and finally meet the person of your dreams.

Kidding. Future business partner, that’s what I meant there.

Going back, some of them have branches internationally, so it’s a nice-to-have feature, because now, you can have access to worldwide talents! Never limit yourself when it comes to network connections again.            

11. It helps expand your knowledge of other businesses.

I want you to go back to the very first month of your stay at your company right now or your previous company if you’re not employed as of the moment. On that period, you don’t know about the ins and outs of the company process, because you’re still a newbie, but as your exposure there prolonged, your knowledge about the company process gradually expands. You learn new ways on how to make tasks efficient, you eavesdropped on other people’s conversation and now you gained a new business idea, you observed the office surroundings, and you concluded a better way of offering office solutions to future entrepreneurs.

There’s something about being exposed to a certain type of environment that gives you these little clues, and what’s behind these clues are knowledge that’s being taught to you indirectly; it’s up to you to find it.

That is no different with these Virtual Office Solutions Providers, these providers have loads of clients, and chances are one of their clients has this kind of business that offers a new thing to the consumers that’s not known in the market yet. Why am I even saying this? Because hey, you can learn from them, getting your own virtual office not only gives you a sophisticated office address, but it also gives you exposure that these providers can only give.

“There’s something about gaining exposure at something that teaches you an important lesson indirectly.”

“Gaining exposure is one of the ways to learn novel stuff.”

12. You have the power to choose.

Most Virtual Office Provider has loads of branches all over the Philippines as they want their business to be the consummate go-to solution for every start-up companies who’s living near their branch, and for those who can’t afford to have their own office space yet.

The mindset and preference of one entrepreneur varies from the other. Entrepreneur A’s predilection to have an office address in Alabang doesn’t mean that Entrepreneur B would like that too.   

“I’m looking for a Virtual Office Provider who can give me the simple yet prestigious feel of their office environment so that when I conduct my future meetings there, clients would be impressed. How about you?” entrepreneur A asked.

“Well, I live near Muntinlupa City so any Virtual Office Provider would do as long as I can afford it,” entrepreneur B recounts.

And you’re no different too, you’re a brilliant budding entrepreneur who has the potential to make this world a better place (I believe in you), and you have your own preferences, too. Identify those things, and list them all down. After doing that, you can now go on and search which Virtual Office Provider checks-off the lists on your must-have list. Honestly, these providers give you the power to play God, you’re the boss. I guess the perfect question to end this paragraph is: Have you already chosen one?  

“Wow! You just told me a whole lot of benefits, how did I not know this before?” Tony answered back with a puzzled face.

“Yes, if I was you, I’d better go searching now or else clients would find out that I work from home,” Chelsea interjected.

“Oh right! Well, thanks for your help! I appreciate it, well, better be going now. I mean searching,” Tony told Chelsea.

“Not to worry about that, glad that I could help. Move along now!”

Chelsea bid goodbye to Tony as Tony walked the busy roads of London happily finding his first Virtual Office.  

Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank the person who thought of the idea of a virtual office business model as it helps loads of start-ups boost their professional image, without hurting their pockets at the inception phase of their business venture. So, I highly encourage people who are reading this article to never discredit the ideas that are currently on their minds right now. Who would have thought that a Virtual Office would be a helpful benefit for the budding entrepreneurs out there? If you have an idea, do me a favour, and never let it go, and actually pursue it. You just never know what that idea could potentially become in the future.

Also, thank you for taking the time to read this article that I wrote. If you haven’t had the slightest idea of where to start your tour on your quest to finding the right Virtual Office, then I suggest you check out our Virtual Office Rates, and skim through it, our rates are very affordable, and our office is superbly fitted for start-ups like you. We’re about to open this coming February 2020! Isn’t that exciting? We’re excited to work with you!

Choose us today! (The High Office)

Because #GreatWorkStartHere.

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