The Benefits of Coworking

“A Coworking Space? Isn’t that a waste of money? I can just set up my own home office and there you have it, I won’t need to pay for silly rates that Coworking Spaces offer.”

It’s easy to think that, but you might actually change the way you look at Coworking Spaces after reading this article, because here are top 12 reasons why working in a coworking space is actually productive:

  • Unlimited coffee.

If you happen to be a coffee lover, then I promise you that you would absolutely love working on Coworking Spaces, because this place is the ultimate unlimited coffee provider. And no, you won’t have to worry about buying your own three in one coffee at the grocery store everyday or the typical sari-sari store that’s everywhere here in the Philippines. They would provide that for you, and did I forget to mention that they have superb coffee machines, all you have to do is to just press the button, and the machine would do the work for you? If you can’t go a day without drinking coffee first in the morning before you actually do the work, then maybe it’s time for you to try working at the nearest Coworking Space at your city.

  • Networking.

You wouldn’t even be reading this staggering article that I wrote for you if I didn’t took the first step to network with other people first. Networking has its contribution to getting where we are, your boss wouldn’t be in his position right now without his past mentors that actually taught him how to do business; a founder of a tech start-up won’t have his vision come to life without his team members helping him achieve his vision come into existence, published writers can’t make the books that they’ve written become published without the help of literary agents. Do you see the connection right there? Other people would play a key factor to your success, and that’s no different on your business.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to do networking, mate. I don’t care if you’re not the best with regards to people, if you’re in business, chances are, networking is inevitable, because that’s where you will find most of the growth that your company needs, it’s through the people that you will meet that would actually help you achieve the vision that you have in mind! There are many ways to grow your network, and Coworking Spaces could be a massive help for you, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur and you have limited connections in the business world. And that’s just one of the many benefits of Coworking Spaces.

  • Much More Productive.

You have only two options if you’re a novice entrepreneur; it’s either you go set up your own home office, and do most of your work there, or you go to Starbucks and buy your favourite Chocolate Chip Cream and work there. Those are good options by the way, I have nothing against that, but let’s dive in to the first option as to why it’s not a very good option for you to choose. First-off, when you’re at home, the proximity between you and your bed is not that very far. Aside from that, your family would misinterpret that you’re in your room doing nothing, leading them to think that you’re available to do chores or keep an eye out for the kids. Add the never ending distractions inside your home; the telephone rang, the baby cried, you end up falling asleep while working at the comforts of your bed, and more. And did I forget to mention the loneliness that entails working from home for a long period of time? No matter how introverted you are, you still need a certain degree of social interaction, because hey, we’re all wired to be social creatures.

You’re building a future phenomenal business; you can’t afford to be distracted by the ones that I’ve mentioned above, though. One more thing is the other option of working at a cafe, well, two years down the road, you’re going to have loads of clients already, and where on earth would you conduct your business meetings? It doesn’t look professional if you do it at a cafe, and you’ll not be taken seriously. So, it’s best to do away with that two options, and choose the best, which is a Coworking Space. Coworking Spaces have meeting rooms where you can conduct a sales pitch with your major client, the cozy ambiance, the unlimited coffee, the chance to meet your future business partner, and more. You’ll get more work done, and you will never have to worry about the whereabouts of your business meetings.

  • Cost-effective.

Renting a 40 square meter office space wouldn’t be the best option for start-ups out there, especially if the one who would go there everyday to work is only you. If you just need a place to work without the need to pay two months deposit before you get the office to be yours, then Coworking is your best choice, mate. Skip the need to worry about the electricity bill, the water bill, the maintenance fee for the building, and more. Besides, if you opt to work in a Coworking Space, chances are, you will only receive one invoice every month, and the payment that you would pay is already all-inclusive. No need to buy your own office desk, a printer to print your business card, coffee machine, ergonomic chairs, and more. Coworking Spaces already have that covered.      

  • Freedom. (I’m here to represent the night-owl workers on this section)   

Where are all my fellow night owls out there?

Oh, they’re probably still sleeping right now, because they stayed awake all night last night.

Just kidding. Hey, I’m just trying to make you laugh there, though.  

Anyway, if it wasn’t for my day job right now, I would be an undeviating night owl. I have always considered myself a night owl, you know, I am included in the population of people where they do their best work at night, they get their best ideas at night when everyone’s about to fall asleep already. And being a night owl myself, I understand that there are people out there who are like me too.   

If you’re an early bird, hello to you, Coworking Spaces would be very ideal for you as you get to sip your favourite morning coffee everyday for free, but what about the night owls?  

Night owls thrive at night! They do not adhere to the structured 8 to 5 p.m. time schedule; they’re wired a little bit different.

That is why Coworking Spaces give them the freedom to choose the time that they want to begin their work. Most Coworking Spaces operate 24/7, so it gives them the freedom to choose their time schedule, if you hate going to the office before 8 a.m. and you prefer starting work at 1 p.m., then Coworking Spaces are there to accommodate that desire of yours.       

  •  Flexibility.

Coworking Spaces give you the ultimate flexibility not just with regards to choosing the place as to where you want to work whether it’s working on the lounge on a Monday, or you feel grinding on the last desk on a Friday afternoon. It also gives you the pliability with regards to money matters; if you want to hire an additional person to write for your company blogs, then you can opt to transfer to a private desk that they actually do offer.

If you’re in the phase where you decided to upgrade your business and finally rent your own office space, then there’s no need to avail the next month’s payment. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to commit to any membership plans that the Coworking Service Provider offers, then you can be a customer still, these providers are friendly with walk-in customers like you. If you want to use the Coworking Space Provider’s office address, then they can absolutely do that as well, most of them offer Virtual Office services, too, where you can pay them to use their office address for business purposes, not to mention the advantage of them doing your business registration paper works, parcel handlings, mail handlings, and more. 

  • The working environment is superb.  

Environment plays a massive role whether or not your work is going to be mighty fine or not! Coworking Spaces are designed for the creative individuals, the budding entrepreneurs, the digital nomads, the writers, the students, and they put in the effort to make the place insanely great! With the cozy environment of it, the sophisticated lounges, the beautiful quotes that are written on the wall, the paintings around, and more. It’s a great place to boost your creativity and productivity.

Environment is everything!  

  • Fast internet connection.

Coworking Spaces acquire the fastest internet connection; they make sure that the service that they give to the consumers is a fast, steady and consistent internet connection.

  •  Easy workforce access.

The people working in a Coworking Space would have different backgrounds, and chances are, they have different expertise than you. If you’re a web developer responsible for developing the website for your business, and you need a Digital Content Creator to write you SEO friendly articles to boost your visibility on Google, then the one who’s perfect for the job might be sitting right next to you, literally, he/she is one table away, this provides an easy recruitment process for you, thanks to Coworking Spaces. 

  • Support system.

If you dread the feeling of working alone at your own house, and you dislike feeling lonely, then Coworking Spaces would be a perfect place for you as it promotes collaboration in it, and it gives off the feeling of communal support. Yes, you might be working on your own, but you see loads of other people working hard on their goals, too, and that’s enough to keep the drive in you alive. It makes you feel that you are not alone working towards your dreams.

I promise you this: you will have bad days where you will question yourself as to why you’re even doing this, but that’s the purpose of working in a Coworking Space, it’s to give you the reminder that, hey, it’s a long ride, and as long as you’re doing a single step everyday to achieve your goal, you’ll eventually be fine.

  • Helps maintain structure.

If you’re someone who thrives on routines and structure, then having to work in a Coworking Space can give you that with a little bit of flexibility in there. If you work best when you’re at least accountable to something, even if it’s the time schedule of working hours, then Coworking Spaces would be your best bet.

  • Provides additional knowledge.

Coworking Spaces are not all Virtual Offices, Shared Office Spaces, Mail Handlings, Parcel Handlings, and all that! They also conduct events, workshops, and courses. Yes! Isn’t it exciting? You get to have access to easily network, and you have your own beautiful working space, and not only that, you get to have access to new knowledge as well! If you’ve been interested to try photography for a while now, and then suddenly you see your Coworking Space provider having a Photography Class for the Absolute Beginners, then you can go ahead and enroll. If you want to promote your business and get people to talk about your products, then you can conduct your own seminar and share the knowledge that you have to people. There are loads of things that you can do with Coworking Spaces; really, it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

Last Words

I like to say that I did the best of my abilities to actually persuade you to sign up to your nearest Coworking Space Provider and actually work there, but if you’re still not convinced yet, there’s only one way for you to conclude that it’s actually the absolute best.

It’s to try it yourself!

If you haven’t found a Coworking Space yet that would suit your needs, check out our rates and skim through it, you might find the best deals that are absolutely fitted for you and for your needs.

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