It is recommended for a start-up business to get a virtual office. It is something that entrepreneurs should take into account when introducing a business in the market.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides businesses with an office address and assistance in some administrative tasks such as mail and parcel management and call handling which can increase their savings. In this setup, employees of the companies are working anytime and anywhere. Likewise, a virtual office offers a meeting room which can be used by the business when they have meetings.

For a clear explanation, let us use a specific scenario. There is a small business opening in Laguna. Employees of this business will be in a work-from-home setup and all of their transactions will be done online. To register this business, it needs to have an office address and instead of renting an office space, they would look for a virtual office where they will only pay for the use of the office address for business registration and the company’s marketing collaterals. Likewise, mail and parcels of the company will be handled by the staff of the virtual office.

Why should start-up businesses get a virtual office?

Aside from its cost savings, getting a virtual office has good benefits to offer to start-up businesses.

A virtual office helps start-up entrepreneurs in branding. Indeed, when you are new in the market, the first thing that you have to do is to create a noise and build a positive image to win the trust of your target market. Moreover, having a virtual office can help these start-up businesses to easily create a good image because of its location. Virtual offices such as The High Office are located in a business district which is classified as a premium location and being in this kind of location will help you to create awareness and establish what you are and who you are in the market.

Here is an example. An excellent wedding planner who is just introducing herself to the market is targeting the high end market. Of course, this type of market is very particular with the image of the planner that they choose. And as a wedding planner with this kind of branding, you need to be in a very good location like Alabang, Muntinlupa city. However, rent of offices in this area is expensive and as a start-up, you will not spend a huge amount for this. Instead of renting an office, the wedding planner can get a virtual office in Alabang.

Another reason why a start-up entrepreneur needs to get a virtual office is because it helps the business to increase its sales. In relation to branding, if the start-up business has established a good image in the market for being in a good location, the market can easily trust the business and thus, its sales will increase.

In the previous example, since the excellent wedding planner has registered the business using the office address in Alabang and the address is already on the marketing collaterals of the business, clients can easily trust the planner and as a result, more sales will be generated.


A virtual office may sound simple and yet, it has a huge impact on the business in the long run. Whatever your business is and if you are still a start-up, a virtual office is a good choice and a perfect start to achieve your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur.